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Arrested Development & Stuck at Three? | Narcissism and Psychopathy

Arrested Development & Stuck at Three | Narcissism and Psychopathy

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Although on the surface, this disorder may appear like a case of severe arrested development, the immaturity of a psychopath is not quite a reflection of being ‘stuck’.

The behavior of individuals with primary psychopathy are associated with a brain that never functioned normally – hence a lifelong pattern of emotional processing limitations (Blair 2008).

Their brain disorder prohibits maturing to a level that will allow them to care deeply for others, learn from experience, and refrain from immoral behaviors.

Psychopathy is not a condition of growing and maturing, but rather one we suspect is associated with dysfunctional key brain areas that allow us to feel for others, manage urges, and interact in a prosocial manner.

One with psychopathy at age 25 will demonstrate the same emotional limitations (e.g., lack of empathy, blame shifting, fails to be accountable for wrongs) when he is 45. Sadly, experience and the passage of time will not mold his maturity.

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