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Seduction and the Psychopathic Woman


Seduction and the Psychopathic Woman

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Seduction is a primary manipulative tactic for many women with strong psychopathic traits. Men tend to use their charm, display of power, confidence/ arrogance, while many psychopathic women use sex and seduction. All such tactics are forms of manipulation. All lack true emotional depth. All are tools for the individual to accomplish a goal.

Psychopathic men and women are different, just as non-psychopathic men and women are different. Women who do not have psychopathy will use a bit of flirtation and seduction within relationships or to get their way sometimes (batting eyelashes at the officer in hopes of getting out of a ticket). With the psychopathic woman, this is not the type of seduction or flirtation we are referencing.

Fashion Beauty Portrait. Sexy Girl.Psychopathic women take this significantly further. They often use their sexuality to to “gain financial or social benefits” (Wynn,Høiseth, & Pettersen, 2012)

Now, of course this strategy does not work so well for psychopathic men. Given that women are simply different and likely will not respond so well or with lust to a flirty male. Psychopathic mean often rely on charisma, strength, material possessions, and charm. As the relationship progresses and he becomes more of his true self, he might use force, intimidation, emotional abuse, or physical violence to get what he wants.

For both individuals (psychopathic women and men) they are not demonstrating love. They are interacting via manipulation to take what they want.

Both male and female psychopaths can be hypersexual and promiscuous. Neither population looks upon this hypersexuality negatively. She views it as a means for power, attention, and goal achievement. He tends to view it as a manner to reinforces his superiority, masculinity, and dominance over women. Neither view their sexual encounters as expressions of love. Although they may have a primary partner they are addicted to, many will have one or more sexual partners on the side.

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