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But He’s Not  Criminal | The Invisibility of Psychopathy

But He’s Not a Criminal | The Invisibility of Psychopathy

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Given that society’s exposure to psychopathy is primarily via media regarding a heinous crime, this disorder is easily equated with criminality… murder, death, rape, abductions, and torture.

However, this is only a part of the picture – a small part.

The larger portion are the law abiding individuals with psychopathy who run companies, lead in government, head households, and hold positions as boyfriends/ husbands of distressed partners.

We are much more likely to cross paths with this larger population of those with psychopathy on any given day in comparison to the serial killer or violent criminal psychopath.

Many within society may not realize that they come into contact with or are impacted by psychopathic individuals fairly regularly.

Individuals with psychopathy are within nearly every occupational position, with most gravitating to positions that offer some taste of power and control over others.

For example – CEOs, company managers, financial experts, leadership positions within government, self-help gurus, community board members/leaders, and more. Or he could simply be that individual behind you on the expressway extremely close to your bumper because you are driving the speed limit. Again – our contact with this population is probably more regular than one would expect.

Science has found that many of the same patterns of brain dysfunction are present within the smaller psychopathy group (e.g., criminal) as the larger psychopathy group (e.g., noncriminal).

Of course there are different risks regarding safety based upon many variables, however the disorder is essentially the same.

  • Callousness,
  • inability to bond,
  • manipulation,
  • absence of empathy,
  • lack of care-based morality,
  • significant interest in power/control/adoration,
  • selfishness,
  • coldness,
  • odd set of rigid rules they impose on others,
  • disrespect of boundaries,
  • absence of respect for social rules

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