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I Thrive in Your Demise | It’s More than All About Me 

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neuroinstincts psychopathPsychopaths – Unlike other mental conditions, such as psychosis, an individual with psychopathy has full knowledge of what is right and wrong. This is clearly demonstrated by their extreme attempts to cover up or distance themselves from any social violations or crimes  they commit.

Psychopaths will lie, deceive, manipulate, create people who do not exist, blame others, create scenarios that did not happen, and paint themselves in a very positive light.

Some will even twist the situation and claim to be the victim. They attempt to maintain and demand respect, control, and power, while indulging in what gives them pleasure or provides release of aggression.

Non-psychopathic, normal human beings have a sense of fairness and those who hurt others should be held responsible for their behavior. Normal individuals with morality want to only work with truth and facts – No Spin.

But psychopaths are different.

When individuals with psychopathy hurt others, they do not accept responsibility or make genuine attempts to mend the bridge. This stance is taken regardless of whether the violation is a lie, cheating, or a serious crime.

In their view: All should be forgotten, forgiven and accepted by the victim.
His or her pain (victim) is not appropriately addressed or reconciled.

Psychopaths and those with narcissistic personality disorder often minimize, argue the irrelevant, or unrelated points and move on leaving their victims raw and stewing in pain.

Rhonda Freeman, PhD | Clinical Neuropsychologist

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