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Manipulation and the Psychopathic / Narcissistic Relationship

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Manipulation and the Psychopathic Relationship

Be Smart with Your Heart

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Emotionally healthy people do not intentionally violate the rights or boundaries of others. Love is not a process of pain, obstacles, betrayal, secrecy, and disloyalty.

Abuse is not

a part of

normal relationships.

In a new relationship, the process of determining if someone is a safe partner becomes more difficult if one has quickly bonded to and fell for intensity, attention, and charm. Manipulation is a common occurrence within psychopathic relationships and often not something one would expect of their new partner. Unfortunately, if one closes their mind to the possibility of a potential problem in the face of red flags, there will likely be pain, abuse, and possible danger in the future.

New happy beginnings can easily turn into long miserable nightmares. Keeping some emotional objectivity in the early phase of the relationship is by no means fool proof of avoiding an abusive partner. However, it gives one a better chance of having clarity of thought to be able to make decisions that are self protective.

What’s happening to my relationship?

Once the abuse, chaos, and disrespect begin it is not uncommon that the partners of psychopaths, narcissists, or abusers spend a considerable amount of time attempting to figure out how to revert things back to the beginning. It is natural to want to work on our relationships. However, fixing a psychopathic love relationship is extremely difficult, as it requires considerable participation and willingness to accept fault on the part of the psychopathic individual.

Unfortunately, the non-abusive partner is often groomed (manipulation) to view the individual with psychopathy (or Cluster B personality disorder) in a certain manner and respond to him within parameters he set forth in the beginning. If she is ‘all in’ and waiting for the ‘good in him’ to spare her, then the situation is likely grim. In such instances, the non-disordered partner is at a disadvantage, as she will likely overlook his offenses, make excuses for and rationalize hurtful behavior, accept explanations for disrespect, and wait for the kinder (bait) to return. This can lead to a roller coaster of pain.

Take a look at a few examples of thinking styles that could increase exposure to a risky partner.

Many individuals with psychopathy or narcissistic personality disorder are aware that if your instincts are followed, their mask, charm, and manipulation are less likely to be effective. Therefore, they put forth a great deal of work in the beginning concealing information, displaying traits that would be to their new partner’s liking, and upholding a game.

Naturally, many individuals will believe in the picture painted for them by the disordered partner. We tend to trust people who are kind to us and demonstrate that they understand us. Early in the relationship, this tends to be demonstrated by those with psychopathy. It is normal to trust that a person attempting to form an intimate relationship with us would not engage in deceptive behavior and interact via manipulation. Individuals with psychopathy rely on this trust and exploit it.

For a person without a disordered mind, to manipulate someone’s emotions and intimate life  is behavior considered severely immoral and a huge waste of time. Unfortunately, even if red flags are present, many individuals will place great emphasis on the story presented to them and ignore their own intuition, instincts, and evidence to the contrary.

When beginning a relationship with a new intimate partner, maintain an observational state (some degree of objectivity), pay attention, and give your heart to the one who deserves it.

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