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Mock Letter from a Manipulator | If the Disorder, Psychopathy, Could Speak
Mock Letter

February 1, 2013


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If an individual with strong psychopathic traits were able to be forthcoming and insightful regarding their intimate relationship patterns, this might be what he/she would say.

Hello Beautiful,

My personality is quite unique. Many will say my primary modes of interaction are to dominate, exploit, manipulate, and antagonize. But I say, demonstrating that level of control over others is a reflection of my superiority. You see, I am a winner.

Is the image above your idea of psychopathy? Then you are in for quite a surprise. In reality, you rarely can spot someone with my personality style by looks alone or a few interactions.

For those of us with a gift of social ease, we can manipulate you and create the perfect character you would love to have as a lover, colleague, or friend. Many of us are social chameleons. We can mirror exactly what you have been yearning – desiring. 

As for me, I am handsome, wealthy, intelligent, educated, and quite the charmer. I wear the best suits, drive the latest cars and own two homes. You see, I am a winner.

I can sweep you off your feet with romance and fun times. You’re impressed by my accomplishments, aren’t you? Of course you are, everyone is. You’re intoxicated by my power, confidence, and wit. When I talk, people listen.

Do you believe in the silly myths that people with psychopathy are all “crazy,” criminals, or serial killers? I hope you do. For if that is your image of psychopathy, you will never suspect it is right here in front of you.

I have to thank the media for painting such an extreme picture of ‘something’ that’s nothing like me. 

You may not realize it, but I can easily conceal the darkest, most callous, hateful components of my personality for quite some time. Especially when I am stimulated by the excitement of something new … you!

I’m intrigued by you.  

Wait a moment … Even I can’t ignore that you really have me ‘feeling’ something right now. It’s intense. I’m excited. Is it true love? Maybe you’re the one that I can settle down with. You might be different from all the rest.

Don’t you disappoint me!

I know that most of society do not understand people like me. They erroneously assume we do not function well. In actuality, several of us are within the most prestigious roles in this country.

We’re special and we love to be in charge and in control. Who better to do it than us? I am a winner.

The media and even some “experts” have referred to us in derogatory terms. Some have called us evil, monsters, snakes, or predators.

When did it become wrong to look out for number one? I’m lucky that I’m NOT contaminated by empathy? No one will take advantage of me! I will never be submissive to anyone. In my book that gives me an advantage over you.

I don’t see the benefit of compassion, sympathy, or anxiety. Sounds like burdens that can hold you back. Those emotions are over-rated and a sign of weakness if you ask me. I’m glad I do not have them.

What’s that you say? Oh, you think I will ‘get what’s coming’ to me. That’s so naive. When someone constantly cheats and cons, they have the upper hand! It is  rare that we ‘get ours’.

I will not feel badly when I end our romance. I will simply go out and find another ‘you’. It’s all so easy and did I mention fun!

New beginnings are my favorite. My life should be the example of how to really live!

Yes, I will hurt you, perhaps destroy you, and bring you to your knees in pain. I don’t usually intend to from the start, but it takes me a little time to see that you are like the others and not worthy of me. They all caused me to ache with such boredom.

Once I am done with you, I will have no time for your emotions or your ‘pain’ – so don’t bother me with it!

For some reason the others did not realize that I never truly cared about them. They were my entertainment and when I say it’s done – it’s done. Life is too short to be wasted – I have to move forward and find my soulmate.

I might come back around after I have thrown you in the pile of used goods. If I do, I don’t want to hear complaints about what you think I did to you. You need to learn how to live life in the moment and move on. Let it go.

Alright my love, let’s have a little fun, until I toss you aside like the rest.

~ Love Always,


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