Exploring relationships with partners devoid of morals, empathy, honesty and a conscience

You Were Not the First
Chronic Pattern of Dysfunctional Relationships

Let’s do a bit of math:

The inability to bond + lack of care-based morality + vacillating [extreme] moods + conflicting opinions/beliefs + narcissism + need for [new] stimulation + grandiosity + using others + aggression + poor insight + hypersensitivity to criticism + strong need for control | power + poor boundaries + social chameleon interactions rather than genuine + pathological lying + absence of accountability + minimal empathy + no remorse for harm caused + manipulation + addiction to adulation + strong need to have the ‘one up‘ and win + need to punish and taunt + arrogance + lack of shame + hate + disrespect + pleasure derived from the submissive and/or humiliated state of others + blame shifting = Extensive history of failed relationships.

You were not the first.

Psychopaths hurt their romantic partners and others who love them. Many leave a trail of broken hearts and hurt brains. Most often healing is required for the non-psychopathic partner to regain his/her emotional health.

[Image Credit: © Anatoly Maslennikov | Dreamstime.com]

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