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Psychopathic Women in Intimate Relationships

Women, Psychopathy and Intimate Relationships

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Intensity, fluctuating emotions (dysregulation), anger, and contempt are not atypical for women with strong psychopathic traits. These emotional displays and behaviors are often demonstrated within her closest relationships (i.e., marriage, parenting, significant other). With her partner, she is prone to rage, often with jealousy as the underlying driving force.

Similar to males with psychopathy, her aggression is often instrumental (i.e., goal directed | for a reason). She abuses her partners emotionally and/or physically. If primary psychopathy is present, she is likely to be narcissistic, manipulative, deceitful, and prone to aggression when slighted.


Many women with psychopathy like to be seen through their chosen mask (e.g., sweet girl, caring wife, helpless victim, independent leader, generous neighbor, loving mother), however their core is callous, non-empathic, and selfish. Her mask is typically in complete opposition to who she really is. Maintaining a favorable image and remaining in a ‘one-up’ position in all interactions is extremely important to her.

She will correct, belittle, or berate others in order to demonstrate her perceived superior stance.

There are some women with strong psychopathic that will present this disorder in the same manner as exhibited by men (e.g., physically aggressive, intimidating). However, there are a considerable number who present with psychopathy ‘mixed’ with borderline features – particularly displayed within her intimate relationships. These borderline features likely cause her to appear emotionally unstable and labile in her romantic relationships. Her symptoms rarely are fully reflective of borderline personality.

Women with psychopathy will quickly and easily direct her aggression at any rivals to her relationship or  even toward her intimate partner if she feels she has been hurt (e.g., rejected). She might attempts to destroy (emotionally, financially, socially, or physically) whoever she feels threatens her intimate relationship – even if that includes the object of her desire. She tends to be abusive, disrespectful, callous, and manipulative in her relationships. Sex, seduction, and threats of self harm are commonly used manipulative tactics of control.

Psychopathic women will hurt and relentlessly target others via confrontations, stalking, slander, cyberbullying, smear campaigns, and verbal/ physical aggression.

They require minimal or no provocation to ignite their wrath.

Her Relationships

In intimate relationships she can be emotionally labile/ unstable (highly emotional). However, she can also present as emotionally detached from others, uncaring, neglectful, and abusive toward her own children and partner.

Individuals with psychopathy do not genuinely care about others, regardless of the relationship they should share with them. Unfortunately, if the condition is present, they are unable to generate this level of connection.

They enjoy the stimulation of conflict and have a low threshold for aggression. Psychopathic women usually feel justified for antisocial behaviors and given that they have psychopathy, there is no remorse, guilt, or shame.

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