Exploring relationships with partners devoid of morals, empathy, honesty and a conscience

Psychopathy Researcher Discusses the Behavior of Psychopaths

Dr. David Kosson and Dr. Rhonda Freeman Discuss Behaviors of Psychopaths

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I have to offer my apologies – the introduction I recorded to our discussion has poor sound quality (low volume). Seems the mic was not close enough given the size of the room. I am so sorry about that. However, the sound quality of our discussion is fine.

Dr. Kosson’s background info:

• University professor (personality & psychotherapy)
• Psychopathy researcher
• Past President of the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy.
• Provides Workshops/ training to mental health professionals to improve their understanding of psychopathy and the aftermath/ trauma symptoms of their victims.
• Works with Drs. Robert Hare (Psychopathy researcher, creator of Psychopathy Checklist/ “Without Conscience”), Paul Babiak (Psychopathy researcher / “Snakes in Suits”), Kent Kiehl (Psychopathy neuroscience researcher / “Psychopath Whisperer”).

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