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Psychopathy is a condition that profoundly impacts character and personality, typically without disturbance of intellect and cognition. Through extensive research, we now know that psychopathy is associated with specific neurobiological dysfunction.

Although we can make some gains in helping those with this disorder, we have not been successful in altering their ability to consistently bond or demonstrate empathy and morality toward others. 

Most survivors involved in this type of relationship extend considerable effort to make ‘things work’. But the result is often exposure to tremendous levels of disrespect, betrayal, disloyalty, manipulation, abuse, and for some – danger. 

Survivors of these relationships have often asked professionals in the field of psychology or psychiatry,

Why didn’t I know about this [psychopathy] before?

Abusive Relationship

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Oncologists have the American Cancer Society and cardiologists have the American Heart Association! All such societies give guidance regarding prevention and warning signs. They tell you what to do and not  do to best care for your body and extend your life. Their information helps to protect us.

But why don’t people in your field make it common knowledge that there are a group of people out there who morph
during their relationships and hurt others? Some even kill their partners! 

Where is the ‘American Psychopathy Awareness Association’ to help guide and protect our lives… the wellbeing of our children? Aren’t psychopaths life threatening too?! Like a social cancer! Where is the nationally recognized organization that makes this illness as well known as cancer, strokes or heart attacks? 

I know people in your field want to be politically correct and not expose a certain population of sick individuals – but we’re talking life and death here! This population is extremely unique, because some of them pose a danger to society – unlike other conditions of the mind.

Your field has to do a better job at making this common knowledge. I know about strokes and the warning signs and I’ve never met with a neurologist. The general public should know about psychopaths BEFORE we ever encounter them!


There is much suffering, pain, victimization, and even death resulting from the behavior of individuals with psychopathy. Awareness needs to be raised to protect our hearts, loved ones, finances, and possibly … our lives.

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