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Why We All Should Be Concerned with Psychopathy Awareness

Understanding the Facts

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Knowing the facts regarding the symptoms of psychopathy, the true risks of this condition to society, and its presentation will hopefully stimulate social discussion.

This is a disorder that has a significant impact on our world. The most violent, heinous crimes and sexual assaults of children are committed by psychopaths (e.g., John Couey). Most random stranger violence, such as rape, mass murder, and serial killing are committed by psychopaths (e.g., Gary Ridgeway– the Green River Killer or Jeffrey Dalmer). Many spousal murders are committed by psychopaths (e.g., Drew Peterson). They have a set pattern of behavior, thinking, and emotions that do not change. Psychopaths can be extremely dangerous to society.

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In order to protect and care for our society, it is necessary that psychopathy awareness be heightened.

Two common routes psychopaths touch our lives are through crime and intimate relationships. However, they have other paths into a non-psychopath’s life, such as through work environments, parenting | child of the disordered, and hired services to name a few.

Psychopathic individuals tend to victimize and prey on innocent people. This is not referring to criminal behavior only, as there are certainly many psychopaths who never commit a crime. Rather, victimize and prey in general with respect to their interactions with others who come into close (sometimes unintentional) contact with them. They often create tense, chaotic, and uncomfortable environments. Their interactions, even noncriminal, tend to be destructive.


“…it’s the violent psychopaths society fears most. They share chilling personality characteristics that make them extremely dangerous and, to date, impossible to cure.” (Davis-Barron, 1995, p 1315)

A psychopath’s behavior is a direct reflection of their neurobiology and personality structure. Although they ‘can’t help it‘ – the fact remains that innocent people/ society deserve to feel safe in their homes, places of employment, families, schools, and communities.

Aside from intimate relationships, individuals with psychopathy also cause damage to our society as a whole. Many who become entangled with a psychopath will never encounter them via an intimate relationship.

Each of us should be concerned with the presence of psychopaths in our society. Heightened awareness and education could potentially save lives. This disorder causes astronomical costs financially and emotionally.

The existence of psychopathy is a reality.  Operating from a position of knowledge, vigilance, confidence, and boundaries can make a difference in our safety.

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