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You Make Me Sick | Abusive Relationships, Domestic Violence, & Health


You Make Me Sick | Abusive Relationships & Health

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Constant interaction with a callous and emotionally abusive partner is more than psychologically damaging. It can lead to the loss of one of the most valuable gifts we have – Health.

The pathology of another person can trigger a stress response within our brain (fight/flight). This causes a series of chemical reactions (e.g., hormones / neurotransmitters) that can lead over time to failing health.

If this cycle is repeated chronically, many who live with this form of stress could potentially develop serious medical problems. An example of a few such conditions include autoimmune diseases, pain disorders, fertility problems, joint disorders, cancer, fatigue syndromes, headaches, and cardiac issues.

Health problems aside, the significant stress of these relationships can also take a toll on physical appearance. Non-disordered partners (after prolonged exposure to mistreatment) can experience accelerated aging. Appearing worn… tired … aged.

Exposure to offensive, immoral, and abusive behavior of another can take a tremendous toll on both the brain and the body. Sadly, some survivors live within this exhausting and unhealthy environment daily across long periods of time.

The more often the stress system is activated the more sensitive it (you) become. This could potentially lead to serious health problems.

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