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Cody’s Corner
Cody's Corner


This is our buddy, Cody A. Limbic. He has two messages for you – a Welcome message and a Copyright message. The button links will be provided below. Cody’s messages are approximately 1 minute in duration.

Information and Welcome


Cody will tell you a little about the focus here at NeuroInstincts®. Cody’s WelcomeMessage 


Copyright Infringement

All information/literary content of this site is copyright protected. Therefore, it is illegal to use without permission. All rights reserved.

Cody’s CopyrightMessage

This brief video illustrates the manner the creator | author prefers site visitors to share or disperse the information contained on this site. Given that we own the copyright, we would like to share the usage limitations with you.


Trademark: “NeuroInstincts®” is a registered trademark owned by NeuroSagacity Inc. Hence, we protect its’ use. All the rights associated with a United States Trademark are in effect.


• Please see our Copyright Notice that lists the manner we prefer our copyrighted material to be shared.

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Copyright Notice

• No Unauthorized Reproduction, derivative versions, or content use without permission. Please refer to our copyright infringement page.

• Written permission is required from NeuroInstincts to use our articles. Crediting and a link back to our original content will also be required.

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