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Life can be beautiful. It can be peaceful, exciting and fun. However, if you share your life with an individual who violates your rights and compromises your safety, happiness can be extremely difficult.

Psychopathy reflects a serious, potentially dangerous personality disorder that negatively impacts their victims, targets and society as a whole. They hurt and damage others, often intentionally, for their own advancement and/ or satisfaction. Their relationships tend to reflect a primitive level of engagement with others –

Disrespect [e.g., Inability to genuinely value others]

Power & Control [e.g., Must win & dominate. If slighted, tendency to punish for the perceived infraction]

Superficiality [e.g., If out to dinner, the waiter will likely be treated better (via charm) than the spouse. Their mate’s emotional needs will be ignored or abused while they present a facade to the public. Their audience’s perception of their power, status, and enviable happiness, is more meaningful than any deep bond with the person sharing their meal. However, the reverse tends to be true if their mate is ‘new’.]

Due to dysfunctional neurobiology associated with bonding/ attachment, morals, risk taking, stimulation seeking, and impulsivity – those with psychopathy usually destroy their intimate partner’s quality of life.

Everyone deserves emotional safety and a chance at happiness. Psychopaths strip away those rights from their partners. Through their extreme narcissism, manipulation, control, and callousness individuals with psychopathy are often successful at convincing their mate that she or he is primarily at fault or disordered in some manner.

Psychopathic individuals tend to shatter the self esteem, confidence, and autonomy of others. Facts become distorted and bent to suit their needs (e.g., deception/ manipulation). Therefore, getting the truth about psychopathy based on the latest scientific findings is important and a key component to progress. Having clarity about this condition can help free your mind to move forward and focus on your needs.

Healing and progress will take time, effort, a shift in thinking, a commitment to self, and boundaries (e.g., for most- ‘no contact’). It is possible to feel your joy again. Love, safety, peace, and happiness are not found within an abusive relationship.

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