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Simple Things Matter

Simple things matter

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The simple things in life can bring such peace and contentment. With the capacity to bond deeply, there is the ability to truly be happy. Your world is real; people and relationships have meaning.

You are not merely chasing impulses, sizing up potential victims, interacting in an addictive manner, and referring to such as a relationship. Others are not disposable objects for pleasure gratification.

The simple things tend to be under-stimulating to someone within psychopathy. Unfortunately, many individuals with strong psychopathic traits cannot experience deep, lasting, complex, positive emotions. The capacity for positive emotions is limited. A few examples include the

• Fleeting ‘high’ or stimulation of something new

• Delight associated with control, power, and deception

• Conquering & winning

• Achievements

• Worship, fear, or adulation of others

• Physical indicators of their superiority or power symbols (e.g., biggest house, certain vehicle)

Often, for someone with psychopathy, the simple things in life tend not to bring them fulfillment and joy. However, it is often the simple things that are the most meaningful. Just the daily routine of helping each other with tasks, laughing and talking can bond deeper to people we care about. Many with psychopathy find very little value in those interactions (after the initial bliss of a new relationship has worn off).

Spending time with the people we love. Cuddling a pet. Making someone smile. Or a day taking a walk in nature can fill the heart with joy and peace.

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We’d like to share with you a few simple things that bring us happiness in our video above.

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