Exploring relationships with partners devoid of morals, empathy, honesty and a conscience

Four Traits that Benefit Healing

Characteristics Beneficial to Healing

Traits that are Helpful to Healing

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Education will feed the cognitive desire to understand and clarify the situation (satisfy the ‘thinking‘ needs). But recovery and healing requires more than education. It is difficult for education and awareness to address the emotional chaos, trauma, and pain created by the abusive partner.

Certain traits will give some individuals an easier road in their healing. Those include:

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• Having Empathy [ e.g., the ability to connect to kind, deep people, and feel with and for others – it’s a reminder of your humanity].

• Being Authentic
[ e.g., being true to the core self; not muting or modifying one’s beliefs or genuine feelings to accommodate others; accepting self and living in light]

• Responsibility
[e.g., This refers to having the ability to understand that there may be traits, qualities, and patterns that need to change in order to prevent involvement with a similar partner in the future. Abusers, narcissists, psychopaths and manipulative individuals tend to seek certain ‘vulnerabilities’ to exploit. Unfortunately, many consider empathy, kindness, forgiveness, and trust to be vulnerabilities. Through the process of healing, one can determine for themselves the best approach of protection when in the presence of a psychopathic or narcissistic individual.] Know – you are not responsible for the abusive and cruel behavior of an abuser. Never accept blame shifting. As you heal, nurture your confidence and value yourself and your worth!

• Curiosity
[e.g., a desire to learn about self and the basics of their (ex) partner’s pathology. Human beings, free of psychopathology, tend to grow through adversity. We provide better treatment toward self when we are curious and learn.]

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