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Attempting to Educate the Psychopathic Partner

Educating or Enlightening an Abusive Partner of a Possible Personality Disturbance?

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Should you attempt to educate an abusive partner- (3)Confronting, educating, or ‘enlightening’ an individual with strong psychopathic traits about his/her disorder can be a highly dangerous activity for the intimate partner.

Attempting to explain that they may have problems with certain regions of their brain is a task for a mental health professional, rather than the intimate partner. A mental health/ medical professional is only able to make such statements after an extensive evaluation.

Learning about this condition via the internet is not congruent with the diagnostic process that goes into examining an individual for a personality disorder.

Most importantly making such statements (“I think you have a problem with your brain … maybe a psychopath.”) to a partner with possible psychopathy could place her safety at risk and potentially launch the psychopathic individual into a retaliation/ punitive mode.

Psychopaths are a high risk population and reflects a condition that is resistant to change or improvement. Confrontation from the victim tends to be fruitless and could possibly be dangerous.

Diagnosing and presenting information regarding psychopathy to someone with the condition should be done by a licensed, trained specialist that has no personal connection to the psychopath. This likely means the person with psychopathy sought out those appointments (or was legally forced), therefore hearing a diagnosis from a doctor regarding their personality would be expected under such circumstances.

figure_prohibited_stop_anim_300_clr_8964 (1)However, this should be avoided by loved ones. 

Most domestic violence advocates and organizations strongly advise survivors, victims, and targets, against such actions (e.g., confrontation/ educating the disordered).


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