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February 1, 2013

What does the term “NeuroInstincts” mean?

It’s a little word we coined as a reminder to others that our instincts are a part of us … it lies within our brain. Instincts are basically our emotional (limbic) system working to protect us from harm and giving us insights that can only be gathered one way … through emotions. It is associated with survival.

(Instincts are not the same for everyone. Some people have excellent intuition while others do not. A few variables that could impact a person’s instincts include childhood experiences, exposure to trauma, personality style, and emotional intelligence level.)

Neuroinstincts are at work when you get that gentle whisper that something isn’t quite right about a particular individual. Neuroinstincts can pick up on the subtle red flags. Neuroinstincts detect the changes in a partner’s mood, behavior, or attitude, even if it is mild and alerts us that something is not quite right.

Some have referred to it as intuition (and it is intuition).

Neuroinstincts are always at work, however, they can be over-ridden by the thinking area of our brain. We can talk ourselves out of our instincts and tell ourself an unsafe partner is safe. When a brain is balanced, neuroinstincts tend to be up and running and doing it’s job of self preservation.

Therefore, we felt it was a perfect term — the merging of neuroscience and instincts. You’ll never forget where your ‘self protection’ is located – right there within your brain ~ NeuroInstincts.

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Why is there no message board?

Support is an invaluable component of the healing process. I hope everyone who is trying to make it past an abusive relationship has a strong support system of people who love them.

We decided to omit a private forum here at NeuroInstincts. We have three reasons for this decision:

1. People are at various stages of pain when they seek out abuse information online. For those who are more fragile or in the midst of a trauma based psychological response such as depression, anxiety, or post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), interactions with insensitive individuals (which cannot always be controlled for in a forum setting) can further exacerbate their symptoms – magnifying their pain.

Insensitivity from others for an individual with PTSD or depression could potentially lead to hopelessness or unnecessary added pain to manage. Unfortunately, some individuals who join forums can be abrasive (e.g., tough love approach). There is possibly some value in “telling it like it is!” –  but when done with disrespect and lack of boundaries, such an approach could be emotionally harmful to others.

The responses of others cannot be entirely managed by a forum moderator. A situation can only be addressed after it has happened. It is important to us that everyone feels safe when in our environment (NeuroInstincts). Therefore, we cannot support an environment where we do not feel assured of providing that level of safety to our visitors.

2. Abusive individuals are often highly attracted to vulnerable populations ‘wherever’ they gather (e.g., healing message boards). Many disordered individuals find such forums irresistible and seek out internet groups where healing or raw survivors can be found. They could easily morph a calm environment into one of drama, tension, disagreement, and conflict. A group of individuals healing from these painful relationships gives them a captive audience to abuse and manipulate. We do not want to provide the meeting place/ forum for abusers, cyberbullies, or internet ‘trolls’ to victimize others.

We have a Facebook® page, where you can comment and interact with each other if you like. Given that it is a large platform with an established set of rules that all users agree to (via their Terms of Use), there is a certain level of behavior that is expected and understood. With that said, individuals will be banned from our page immediately if they post hateful, antagonistic, disrespectful, manipulative, aggressive, mean, misogynistic, boundary crossing, troll-like comments. We have a zero tolerance policy for such behavior. Only once.

3. A member in severe distress could mistakenly utilize the message board as an emergency service. This would burden or frighten other members and of course not provide the member who is in distress the services or help they desperately need. An information website is not a treatment substitute. It is simply information.

We do recognize the value of support from others who are sharing this painful journey. It can help to validate your experience. However, there are some downsides to this form of support that could hinder progress.


Do you offer consulting services or coaching?

No, we do not consult, coach, or provide therapy. We offer no services.


How can NeuroInstincts benefit me?

NeuroInstincts was created to provide information about psychopathy and narcissistic personality disorder based on some of the recent scientific literature, as well as my experience with these populations.

We hope that providing information in one location dedicated to ‘abusive partners relationships can offer clarity. Having a better understanding of conditions such as narcissistic personality, psychopathy, borderline personality, and antisocial personality might allow you to move forward quicker in your healing, without becoming ‘stuck’ as often figuring out his/her behavior. In that way, you won’t spend your time trying to figure out the basics of his issues, but rather dedicate your energy to your emotional status and healing instead.

NeuroInstincts is tailored to the general public and therefore will provide information regarding the basics of the brain and psychopathy in plain language. For neuroscientists or those with psychology and/or medical backgrounds, please refer directly to the scientific literature focused on the subject. Often journal references will be provided at the end of our articles.


Restrictions | Limitations

figure_prohibited_stop_anim_300_clr_8964 (1)A) We are not a substitute for mental health services and provide no therapy, advice, or treatment. We do not offer any  services such as consultations, email questions, or coaching. Consult with a healthcare provider if you need assistance, services, or advice.

B) Although there are individuals with personality disorders that abuse substances or alcohol, we will not explore addictions here at NeuroInstincts. We encourage you to seek out experts within that area for information if needed.


Do psychopaths get involved with other psychopaths or others with personality disorders?

Yes, they can and at times they do. However, a set of pathological individuals involved in a relationship is outside the scope of this site. Our material is focused on relationships that include a severely personality disordered individual and a non-personality disordered individual. Therefore we will not pursue the type of relationship dynamics that result when two psychopaths or a psychopath and another personality disordered individual couple up.

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